1. Attendance Policy:  Students are expected to attend all classes. 学生缺勤超过一学期或一节课总课时数的20%, (or two weeks with no electronic communication for internet courses), the student may be assigned a grade of F at the end of the course.  在课程完成60%之前退学的学生将失去该课程的经济援助资金.
  2. Withdrawal Policy想要退课的学生可以在课程的第一周(退课/加课周)内退课,不记分.  从期中考试后的第二周到周五(在线课程和活动课程第五周的美国东部时间下午5:00之前), 学生可以以“W”(退学)的成绩退学,这对学生的平均绩点(GPA)没有影响。.  在这之后, through the last day of classes, 学生可以退课,除非指定了最终成绩,否则应指定“WP”(退课及格)或“WF”(退课不及格)的分数.  The student bears full responsibility for all course on his or her registration schedule.  未能向注册主任提交退学表和/或未能完成课程可能会导致“F”的成绩.由于疾病或其他困难而被迫在截止日期后退课的学生可以向教务长申请“WP”等级. 

在日间校园计划中,希望退学或退课的学生可以从注册办公室获得课程退课表,并将其交给导师和顾问批准.  In the 在线项目, 希望退学或退学的学生(在退学/退学期之后)必须联系教授并提交一份退学表(表格见 光环) to the 注册商’s office.  Failure to do so will result in a grade of F. Day students may not withdraw from an online course in terms 1, 2, 5, 或在没有相应学院院长或教务长书面批准的情况下,在一天校园项目的删除/添加期结束后6天.

  1. Academic Integrity: Honesty in personal and academic matters is a cornerstone of life at Limestone University.  Students are expected to achieve on their own merits and abilities, to exercise integrity in all their af公平s, and to refrain absolutely from lying, 作弊, 和偷窃.  Academic misconduct,包括作弊和抄袭,在莱姆斯通大学的学术政策中有定义 The 学生手册 (online and linked to The 学术目录).  There are serious consequences for academic misconduct as defined in this policy, which apply in this course.  在菠菜稳台子图书馆的网站上有一个关于避免抄袭的优秀教程. It is located here:    http://libguides.菠菜稳台子.edu/c.php?g=545011&p=3736407.
  2. Equity and Inclusion: 公平与包容办公室致力于帮助所有学生消除可能阻碍他们个人发展和学业成功的障碍. Through services such as those provided by Accessible Education, the Learning Enrichment and Achievement Program (飞跃), SaintsFirst, and International Student 支持, 公平和包容团队成员努力赋予学生权力,并为学生提供最佳的大学体验. Students in need of assistance as a result of a disability (physical, 精神, or learning) or being an international or first generation, 或任何其他可能影响他们学习成绩的情况,鼓励他们在学期初与公平与包容办公室联系,讨论他们的需求. Accessible education services, such as extra time on tests, distraction-free testing, 和其他人, will be considered via an interactive process. Any pertinent documentation should be sent to the Equity and Inclusion Office at accessibility@菠菜稳台子.edu or Limestone University, 1115学院博士ive, Gaffney, SC 29340. 公平和包容办公室位于Fort D Suite 201,可通过电话(864)488-4394与之联系.
  3. 在线 Content Disclaimer: This is to notify you that the material you may be accessing in chat rooms, 公告板, or unofficial web pages is not officially sponsored by Limestone University.  美国宪法规定的言论自由权利适用于我们社会的所有成员,无论使用何种媒介.  Limestone University disclaims all liability for data, information or opinions expressed in these forums.

  4. Disruptive Behavior Statement破坏性行为是指妨碍教师进行课堂教学或妨碍学生从学习环境中获益的任何行为.  有情感或精神障碍的学生可能被认为是残疾的,并且受到1973年康复法案的保护,他们应该遵守与其他学生相同的行为标准. 教师 members are responsible for managing the classroom environment.  教师应该运用他们最好的判断力来制定课程的行为标准,并采取合理的方法来应对课堂混乱.

  5. Digital Copyright Policy Statement:有效打击图书馆网络使用者未经授权分发受版权保护的资料, without unduly interfering with the educational and research use of the network.  菠菜稳台子关于未经授权通过使用我们的网络分发版权材料的政策每年分发给学生, faculty and staff via email.  File sharing restrictions, copyright guidelines, and computer use policies are also posted on our website at: http://www.菠菜稳台子.edu/p2pcompliance
  6. 学术支持: 学术支持办公室为所有十大菠菜台子学生提供许多科目的免费辅导. 学生可以通过网站与学术成功中心和写作中心预约面对面或在线的同伴辅导课程 上升的平台. For more information, visit the 学术支持 webpage.
  7. 第九条 Statement: Limestone University is committed to providing an educational and work environment, including programs and activities, free from discrimination, 骚扰, 和报复.  To ensure compliance with federal and state civil rights laws and regulations, 并确认其致力于在教育计划或活动的各个方面促进公平和公平的目标, the University has developed internal policies and procedures that provide a prompt, 公平, 对那些因受保护的阶级地位而被指控歧视或骚扰的人提供公正的程序, and for allegations of retaliation.  http://www.菠菜稳台子.edu/title-9