The 菠菜稳台子 邮件中心 strives to provide a high quality of customer service, along with fast and efficient mail delivery. The 邮件中心 is located on the first floor of the 海恩斯 & 到湖底中心.


The 菠菜稳台子 Student 邮件中心 is located in the 海恩斯 & 到湖底中心. The 邮件中心 uses a Smart Locker system for student packages and mail. Students do not have a specific mailbox number for receiving mail. All incoming packages and mail will need to be addressed in this manner:

加夫尼,SC 29340

亚马逊Prime快递 will require a different shipping address.  The physical location of the 邮件中心 is required for delivery. Please use this address for all Amazon orders:
菠菜稳台子/海因斯 & 到湖底中心
加夫尼,SC 29340
AMAZON PRIME, 美国邮政总局, 联邦快递, 联合包裹, and DHL will not deliver to the residence halls so please use the correct address for all incoming mail and packages.

When packages and mail are received by the 邮件中心, they will be scanned and placed in a Smart Locker for pickup. The student will receive a message through their Limestone email account with a QR code that will be scanned at the kiosk, which is located within the locker bank on the first floor of the 海恩斯 & 到湖底中心. 一旦扫描二维码, the locker door that contains the packages and/or mail will open, and the student can retrieve the contents. The process will work the same as Amazon, 沃尔玛, or other similar Smart Locker package pickup systems. This method will give students convenient access to package and mail pickup, instead of being limited to 邮件中心 hours only. However, there will be a time limit placed on the locker use. If packages and/or mail are not retrieved from the locker within 72 hours of receipt, 内容将被删除, and the student will then have to retrieve the items through the window at the 邮件中心 during regular operating hours. An email notification is sent to the student’s Limestone email account if this happens.  Packages and mail will be held in the 邮件中心 for a two-week period. Items not picked within that time frame will be returned to sender. 

Large packages that do not fit into one of the smart lockers will be held in the mail center and must be picked up in person during regular operating hours.

可以购买美国邮政邮票, and packages mailed at any time during normal business hours, 只收现金.

周一至周四上午9点.m. 直到下午4:30.m.
星期五,9点.m. 直到1点.m.

周日-周四,早上6点.m. 直到12点.m.   
周五至周六,早上6点.m. 直到2点。.m.

Send questions concerning mail services to: