The 菠菜稳台子 测试中心 adheres to strict standards that address the responsibilities and behaviors of students and personnel in the testing center. 请访问 NCTA测试 欲知更多详情.

菠菜稳台子测试中心进行测试的个人 必须 在测试时提供当前的,真实的身份证明. 身份证必须包括照片(i).e., driver’s license, passport, state issued ID, military ID, or LCard). Please note that the LCard is valid for 菠菜稳台子 考试s only.

菠菜稳台子 测试中心 personnel will refuse admission for:

  • 未能提供所需的身份证明
  • 出示身份证明 是伪造的 或者被篡改
  • Presenting identification with a photograph that does not resemble the candidate

使用菠菜稳台子测试中心时, candidates may only use materials approved by the instructor in writing. 所有私人物品都是 被留下 in the Coordinator of 测试中心’s office; personal items are not allowed in the 测试中心. 违禁物品包括但不限于以下物品:

  • 手机(不能用作计算器)
  • 草稿纸*
  • 钱包/钱包
  • 书包
  • 苹果/智能手表/ Fitbit
  • 闪存
  • iPod或MP3播放器
  • iPad /平板电脑/电子阅读器
  • 相机
  • 个人资料助理(pda)
  • 寻呼机
  • 书籍/笔记
  • 帽子
  • 太阳镜
  • 个人电脑
  • 食物和饮料

*学生不允许携带他们的 自己的 草稿纸. 菠菜稳台子 大学 检测中心将提供草稿纸, 铅笔, and basic calculators as needed by the student and approved by the instructor.


The Coordinator of the 测试中心 and Testing Proctors are responsible for directions, 分布, 摄入, 合规, 以及所有考试的安全. 所有人员都遵守所有测试说明, 政策, 以及保密的责任.

另外, the 菠菜稳台子 测试中心 is equipped with camera surveillance with TV monitoring, Net支持学校, 还有个人监考人员随时监控中心.

Testing security is maintained by protecting all testing materials from loss, 未经授权的访问, 和繁殖. 菠菜稳台子测试中心的工作人员不得:

  • Reproduce test content, 用户名, or passwords for unauthorized use
  • Photocopy any testing materials, unless authorized by the instructor
  • 出售或披露测试内容, 用户名, 或任何个人或组织(公共或私人)的密码.
  • Provide “practice materials” or expose students to test content, 用户名, or password.

所有测试材料 are stored in a secure location that is only accessible to 菠菜稳台子 测试中心 personnel. 测试中心只会打印材料, 从教师, 当候选人在指定的日期和时间到达时. 所有测试材料, 用户名, and passwords 必须 be distributed and returned using procedures that prevent exposure of test content, 候选人个人信息, 和/或考生的考试成绩.

所有测试材料(1.e., 考试, 草稿纸, calculator) 必须 be returned to the 测试中心 personnel immediately after test completion to be stored in the secure location until the instructor retrieve the 考试, 和/或完成的考试将通过电子邮件发送给讲师.  如果考试通过电子邮件发送, the 考试 will remain in the secure location until the completion of each academic semester.

所有考试均以英语进行和作答. 如果您是需要翻译工具的候选人, the request 必须 be noted in written format from the instructor; otherwise, 完成考试时不提供翻译工具. In addition, candidates are not allowed to use reference materials (i.e.、字典、教科书等.),除非导师有特别的书面指示.

所有测试材料, including computers, will be supplied by the 测试中心.

Candidates 必须 complete their 考试ination in one (1) uninterrupted session.

Exams delivered by students, including work-study students, will not be accepted. 首选的考试递送方式是通过电子邮件. Exams may be delivered by the instructor or through campus mail as well.


菠菜稳台子 students who are in need of testing accommodations, 如口试管理, 应该联系赛琳娜·布莱尔吗, 电话:(864)488-4394或链接发送电子邮件).


如果菠菜稳台子的考生作弊被发现, 测试将立即停止, 这件事会报告给教官.

对于非莱姆斯通大学的考生, 试验将立即停止, 这件事会报告给教官. 考试费用不予退还.


任何扰乱秩序的候选人, 从事任何形式的不当行为, 款待员工和其他候选人, 会被校园保安赶出考场吗.


Candidates 必须 get permission from the 测试中心 personnel to use the restroom during testing administration. 所有测试材料 will be collected from the candidate and they are not allowed to access any personal belongings on their exit from the 测试中心 while going to the restroom. 没有额外的测试时间.


收费20美元.每次考试00美元, the 菠菜稳台子 测试中心 offers paper-based and computer-based proctoring services to individuals from other institutions, 企业, 以及社区组织. These services are provided by appointment only and the fee to be paid online using an active debit/credit card. There is no cash exchange for the sitting fee and no refund for cancellation.


CLEP及DSST考试只按预约进行. 作为一名菠菜稳台子的学生, prior authorization to take a CLEP and/or DSST comes from the 注册处. No administration will be given unless the student has been approved to take the 考试. 学生必须填写表格 credit-by-考试ination形式 每次考试的批准.

CLEP考试: 你需要去看看 http://clep.美国 注册考试并支付89美元的考试费用.00(每次考试),使用有效的借记卡/信用卡. On test day, please bring the ticket ID that you will receive after your purchase.

DSST考试: 在测试当天,您将建立个人资料并支付100美元.00(每次考试),使用有效的借记卡/信用卡. 更多信息可通过


菠菜稳台子 在线项目 uses an online proctoring service as a more efficient and convenient way to maintain academic integrity in online and hybrid courses. 这意味着你不会在你的课程中使用人类监考. 该服务完全集成在Blackboard中,并且全天候可用.

Proctorio will require the use of a webcam and microphone (internal or external). 如果你没有网络摄像头和麦克风, 你可以在加夫尼的考试中心参加考试, 通过预约SC. 另外, there will be computers available to use at our campuses across the state of South Carolina (Aiken, 查尔斯顿, 哥伦比亚, 弗洛伦斯, 和格林维尔).

对于技术支持,Proctorio有24/7的帮助可在 还有一个聊天选项. 

有关普罗克托里奥的更多信息,请访问 监考信息.